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For Child Advocates, Inc., 2014 marks 30 years of being the voice for abused children. Since our inception in 1984, our court appointed advocate volunteers have provided critical advocacy for more than 24,000 children.


What do we mean when we say 'Critical Advocacy'?
Child Advocates provides trained volunteers to advocate for children who have come into protective custody as a result of life-threatening child abuse, neglect or abandonment. Volunteers learn all the information they can about a child's case, meet and establish a rapport with the child, develop a plan of action for ensuring that the best interests of the child are met and prepare an information-based recommendation for the judge hearing the child's case. Then, as the guardian ad litem for the case, the volunteer attends court on the child's behalf.


Our volunteers contact caseworkers, interview parents, ensure necessary medical care, look out for educational interests and make recommendations in court regarding the permanent placement of the child.


Along the way, our volunteers remember and celebrate special occasions with the child or children on their cases - ranging from birthdays and holidays to proms and graduations. Volunteers locate critical resources - from therapeutic services to educational resources - for the children we serve. Most importantly, they serve as a "constant" person for that child to count on during a very tumultuous time. Essentially, our volunteers do whatever it takes to ensure that the needs of the child are being met while that child is in care.


"So What?"

We know how many incredible organizations and noble causes there are out there... which inevitably brings you (on behalf of your readership/viewership/listenership, of course) to ask - "so what? Why cover Child Advocates?"

  • FOR OUR CHILDREN. Children of all ages, races and socio-economic backgrounds. Children with irresistible grins, vivid imaginations and incredible potential. All of them sharing one unfortunate commonality - each one has been a victim of life-threatening abuse or neglect.
  • FOR OUR VOLUNTEERS. Busy would be an understatement. They make dinner, entertain clients, drive carpool, walk the dog, hit the gym, coach soccer, manage employees, take vacations and watch reality television - just like everybody else. What sets them apart is that, despite their busy lives, they still make time to volunteer as court-appointed advocates with our program, making a direct impact on the lives of abused children.
Story Ideas / Potential Angles
  • FEATURE. Our kids and volunteers are the stuff feature stories are made of! Heard enough about the bad-apple foster parents in the world? We'd love to introduce you to some amazing foster families you could talk to about how they're getting it right. Spend an afternoon or a weekend with them and give your audience a glimpse of the way things should be. How about a (day/month/year)-in-the-life of a child in protective custody? What is life like in a typical "residential treatment center?" How do you concern yourself with schoolwork or studying when you don't know if you'll be living in the same place next week? From the inspiring work of our volunteers, to the challenges within the foster care system to tear-jerking stories of reunification - we would love to brainstorm any ideas that would work for your publication or station and be of interest to your audience. It is our pleasure to connect you to the people/interviews that will help get your story.
  • VOLUNTEER PROFILE. Eddy is a partner in a mid-sized law firm, husband, Aggie and father of four; Bernie is a 77-year-old red-headed firecracker who has served 165+ children with our program in her 18-year tenure; John and Bonnie are a retired husband-and-wife team serving abused children now for more than 10 years; and Sue - who grew up in foster care herself - is currently in training to become an advocate. Each of them and there are more than 700 living right here in the Houston area - has their own inspiring story. Whether you'd rather approach a profile from an interview (Q&A) or article style, we'd love to help you find the right fit for your audience demographics.
  • CHILD VOICE. Perhaps your publication has a regular feature from a teen/youth contributor. Why not have one of "our" kids write a short column? Or a tween/teen who is already showing an interest in supporting Child Advocates through a Girl Scout troop, a church group or a school organization. While the first option may take more effort on both of our ends, we'd love to try to make something work for you.
  • DONOR / SUPPORTER. Our donors give for many reasons - some have a personal or emotional tie to our mission, others feel a sense of community responsibility. Would your station or publication be interested in doing a piece on charitable giving during tough economic times? On the psychology behind philanthropy? On the sweet, elderly woman who consistently gives between $1 and $4 to Child Advocates and always includes a note about how she wishes she could give more but her fixed income budget won't allow it?

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Advocates
Visit our FAQ page.

Working on a story and need quotes or information about child abuse, neglect or abandonment? Child Advocates has several key staff members who are experts on topics surrounding advocacy, child abuse, neglect and abandonment.


Email us or give us a call and we'll put you in contact with the staff member best able to address your needs -- 713-529-1396 ext 213.

Link to Child Advocates

Thank you for choosing to include a link to Child Advocates on your website! We appreciate you supporting our organization enough to share it with your users. We recognize that there are many people who may still be unaware of our work, and links from sites such as yours are essential to increasing our web presence.

Suggested accompanying text:

  1. (Your company name) supports Child Advocates, Inc., a charitable organization mobilizing volunteers to break the cycle of child abuse.
  2. (Individual name) is a member of the [Board of Directors] for Child Advocates, Inc., a charitable organization mobilizing volunteers to break the cycle of child abuse. (this example would be a great addition to an employee/executive bio on your website)
  3. Child Advocates, Inc. mobilizes court appointed volunteers to break the vicious cycle of child abuse. They speak up for abused children who are lost in the system and guide them into safe environments where they can thrive.
  4. Child Advocates, Inc. trains and supports volunteers who make a difference in the lives of children. These volunteers are assigned to the cases of children who have been victims of life-threatening abuse or neglect and - as a result - have been placed in protective custody. Child Advocates’ volunteers contact caseworkers, interview parents, ensure necessary medical care, look out for educational interests and make recommendations in court regarding the permanent placement of the child.

Logo Usage Guidelines
Please do not alter the Child Advocates logo in any way. The Child Advocates logo should never use an effect (examples: drop shadows, gradients, strokes or underlines) and should remain solid in color (for approved colors please contact the marketing department). If you require the logo in another format, please contact us at 713.529.1396 and ask to speak with the marketing department, we are happy to assist you.

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