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Our Board and Key Staff

Eddy De Los Santos, 2017-2018 Board Chair

David Winn, Chair-Elect


Key Staff
Sonya Galvan, CEO

Ashley Brockette, Marketing & Communications Director

Elizabeth Greer, Finance & Operations Director

Suzanne McAndrew, Development Director

Kathy Nevarez, Program Director

Suzanne Ronne, Community Outreach Director


Executive Board Committee

Manu Asthana, Strategy and Information Management

Jeff Manley, Endowment

Dana O'Brien, Program 

Brad Robbins, Nominating
Suzie Thomas, Secretary and Legal Counsel 

Shelley Washburn, Marketing

David Winn, Finance/Treasurer


Board of Directors

Manu Asthana

David Baird

Hildegarde Ballard

Rick Burnett
Jane Dabney
David Davis
K.K. Eschbach
Caroline Finkelstein
Terrence Gee
Georgina Goodnight
Paul Grabowski
Michelle Gray
Cherie Hassenflu
Kelly Hawkins
Grace Holmes
Joan Huffman
Dwayne Hyzak
Florence Langford
Brian Mandell
Jeff Manley
Ron Orsini
Joy Posoli
Leslie Powell
David Quackenbush
Frank Rynd
Mark Smith
Ellie Sweeney
Dolly Dawson Thomas
Nancy Thorington
Steven Wyatt


Advisory Board

Millie Anhalt
John Asta
Nancy Bertin
Jeff Birmingham
James Brodnax
Jeff Cotner
Jai Daggett
Jennifer Dean
Kelly Dilts
Judy Farrell
Lisa Folloder
Ellie Francisco
Alfonso Hernandez
Jennifer Hoff
Chastiti Horne
Jamie Johnson
George W. Kaleh
Nolan Lehmann
Bill Livesay
Brandi Maxwell
Gia Merlo
Carole R. Minor
Yvonne Moran
Monique Nolk
Ashley Scheele
Barbara Scott
Lawrence Scott
Josh Smith
Kenneth Thompson
Kevin Tiernan
Mike Van Hoozer
Victoria Varner
Scott Washburn
Benjamin Wilbanks


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    You may put in a request of a court appointed advocate for any child/children currently in the temporary managing conservatorship of Harris County DFPS.

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    To report child abuse, neglect or abandonment, contact the Texas Abuse and Neglect Hotline.

    Is your company or organization looking for more information on Child Advocates? Let us know and we are happy to come to you and share our mission and stories.

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