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Volunteer with Child Advocates

Webster defines a volunteer as "one who offers himself freely or spontaneously."

Technically, we agree. But our personal definition leans more toward "the thousands of individuals who make our world go 'round."

Whether you're looking to volunteer directly with the abused and neglected children we serve, help raise money to support our program or simply occupy some time on a weekday afternoon, we have a volunteer opportunity that's just your size:

* To ensure the safety of the children we serve and that of our volunteers, we have instituted formalized security measures. Child Advocates, Inc. will perform a felony, sex offender and CPS background check on ALL individuals who sign up to volunteer for any activities or events that will be attended by the abused and neglected children we serve.

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Report Abuse To report child abuse, neglect or abandonment, contact the Texas Abuse and Neglect Hotline

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