Honoring our 2023 Rookie of the Year

Brenda Jones graduated from Advocacy University in February of 2023 and took her first case just a few days later. She was assigned to Emma*, a little girl who came into care when she was just 3 months old. Emma came into foster care because of allegations of neglectful supervision of the child by her mother. When her mother gave birth to her, she tested positive for substances and had untreated mental health illnesses.
Within the first couple of months of being on the case, Brenda showed just how committed she was to doing everything she could to advocate for Emma and her best interests. She was always on top of her duties as an advocate - visiting Emma frequently, communicating with all of the parties on the case, and writing court reports. But what set Brenda apart was how well she testified in court. She was detailed, eloquent, and knew her case backward and forwards. She responded effectively to questions from the attorneys on all sides. After one court hearing in particular, the attorney ad litem and county attorney gave Brenda praise for her compelling testimony and her work on the case.
Typically, a new advocate will only work on one case at a time. But after just a few months of being an advocate, Brenda took on another case that needed an advocate. In August of 2023, she accepted this second case and started working with Harper*, a little girl who was only 6 months old. Harper came into foster care after her mother overdosed on meth and Xanax. Her mother had a reported history of drug use and domestic violence, as well as a criminal history.  This second case had many similarities to Brenda’s first case. Brenda knew exactly what to do and was always on top of her tasks. She worked just as diligently and passionately on this case as she did on her first case.
Brenda goes above and beyond in her visits to the children and ensures both of these baby girls are developmentally on track and receiving all of the love in this world. She is passionate about safeguarding these babies, making sure that they find a safe and loving home, and also ensuring that the parents, regardless of the outcome of the case, get the appropriate help they need to become better human beings.
Child Advocates is honored to present Brenda Jones with the Rookie of The Year award for 2023. We are so grateful for her hard work. She is making an incredible difference in the lives of these children.  
*Names of children have been changed to protect their identity.

You may put in a request of a court appointed advocate for any child/children currently in the temporary managing conservatorship of Harris County DFPS.

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