Jennifer Daly: September Volunteer of the Month



Advocate Jennifer Daly met sisters Alexis* and Amber* after being assigned to their case shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic. The girls had come into CPS care due to neglectful supervision when their mother failed to provide adequate medical care to them and was suspected of selling their medication.


When Jennifer visited the girls for the first time, they were living with their grandfather. After she assessed the state of the home, Jennifer knew the girls needed a better home environment. There were alcohol bottles littered on the floor, and the girls themselves voiced their concerns about the situation, relaying that they were often locked in their room from 6 PM - 8 AM. 


Jennifer worked diligently along with the team of people assigned to Alexis and Amber's case to find the sisters a wonderful foster placement, where they were currently living until extended family members in another state wanted to adopt the girls. The girls wanted to go, and Jennifer was excited about the possibility of the girls living with family, but she was intent on doing her part to first ensure the placement was safe. 


Alexis, the older sister had already been sent to the placement, but after researching thoroughly, Jennifer was left with some concerns about the environment she would be living in and was hesitant to recommend that Amber join her. As time passed and more facts were revealed, Jennifer began to have serious concerns about Amber's safety and knew she needed to get her more help. 


Jennifer was committed to the safety of both girls, and even from states away, was able to secure a safety plan for Alexis in her new placement to ensure she would be in the healthiest environment possible.


Amber was still in her foster placement, but as Jennifer became increasingly aware of her specific needs, she knew she would only begin to receive the help she needed at a specialized treatment facility and began advocating for this change.


Now, thanks to their advocate, Alexis and Amber are on track to be in environments that will provide the support they need.


Because of Jennifer's incredible work and dedication to this case, we recently named her our September "Volunteer of Month"! Congratulations, Jennifer, and thank you for all you do to ensure Houston's abused and neglected children have hope for a brighter future.


To learn how you can become a volunteer and make an impact like Jennifer, click here


*Names were changed to help protect parties of the story.

You may put in a request of a court appointed advocate for any child/children currently in the temporary managing conservatorship of Harris County DFPS.

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